Getting Started is a Breeze with These 3 Steps


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Tryout Tuesdays

We like to try things out before we commit to anything and we’re sure you do too. Every Tuesday you can come by and try us out for a free class and see if you have fun!  


Day One

You enjoyed class and now you’re intrigued…what now? Schedule your Day 1 and meet with your Personal Coach to discuss your goals and perform your Fitness Assessment.

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Choose Your Path

You and your coach will choose one of our three starting paths based on the results of your Fitness Assessment. Each path includes Private Coaching and two weeks of Group Class Integration.

Our Members Say It Best

Where Focus Goes Energy Flows


Approaching the daily tasks that you've committed to with the right mindset is the key to succeeding with taking action. We've spent so much time and energy on acquiring the right tools such as gym memberships and meal plans that we've left out the most important step...

Creating an inspired mind with absolute certainty that you WILL succeed.

This is where we start at SVC.


Successful People Utilize Coaches for Motivation, Accountability, and  

Strategic Ongoing Feedback


We are not a gym. We are a coaching program.  The gym is simply one of the tools we use to shift you into the your most powerful self. Everything you need to succeed with this journey is already inside of you. It's our responsibility to bring that out and show you how to use it. 

Working with a coach ensures that you create a path that inspires you and that you stick to that path. 



How much is it?


We'll spend thousands of dollars on electronics, vehicles, vacations, clothes, food, and entertainment but we struggle to see the value in investing in our health.

Why is that?

We've been led to believe that the only investment we need to make to lose weight and look better is a cheap membership to a gym. $10 memberships get you $10 results. 

This program isn't about working's a coaching program! We teach you the skills of creating permanent change in your life through the disciplines of intense physical and mental training. 

Instead of asking how much is it...ask yourself how will my life change when I have a body that looks incredible, I feel better than I ever have in my life, and I am physically capable to take on any task or adventure that life presents to me.


A Valuable Perspective

We do FUN stuff!


What's the point of all the hard work if you're not going to get out and enjoy life? As much as we love to sweat our hearts out in the gym, we love being out experiencing life with one another even more. SVC isn't just a place to's a family.