What is DAY ONE?

Day One is your personalized tour into the SVC MINDBODY Performance Program. This is the beginning of your journey and we make sure to touch on every element of your health.

  • We’ll define your health and fitness goals and provide the strategy to achieve them. Once you have the overview of how we accomplish it you’ll immediately feel a sense of ease knowing what your journey will be like.

  • We’ll take a look at your current nutritional habits and provide some immediate tips to help create some better results with how you eat. This is an overwhelming and highly debated area for most people so we want to provide some simplicity so you can feel a sense of control with this area of your life.

  • We’ll conduct a fitness assessment so we can create your custom program for getting you physically fit. Once you start building some consistency with working out you’re going to feel so much better.

  • We’ll finish with answering any questions you have about your journey to creating a healthy Mind and Body and decide what your next step will be. Our intention is for you to feel absolutely certain about the decision that is best for you after your Day One Experience. 


Who's it for?

Our experience is designed for fitness minded people and will leave you feeling alive and inspired. However, we know that getting started with working out again can cause some anxiety.  That's why we created DAY ONE - the proper introduction to our blend of MIND|BODY fitness, to ensure that your DAY ONE is the first of many.

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