Performance Programs

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3 Steps to Master Your MINd & Body

1. Model someone who has already succeeded with this path. Your Coaches and fellow performers have all embraced this lifestyle and provide the guidance and support to help you do the same.

2. Learn through TOTAL IMMERSION! Attendance is required with this program. You'll begin with an in-depth intake to provide full immersion into this program.  Getting multiple hours of training in over a couple days is exponentially more effective than doing an hour a day over the course of a month. 

3. Create and practice your Daily Routine. Developing a healthy Mind and Body is a lifestyle. It must become a part of your identity in order for it to stick. We'll provide the coaching, tools, and strategies to teach you how to create your routine so this will be the last time you'll ever need to "start" begin healthy. 


MindBody Immersion


Immerse Yourself in the process

MindBody Immersion is where we dive deep into the process of creating a routine that results in a strong mind and a healthy body. We will address both simultaneously as we must develop them both in order to create the body and the lifestyle you desire. Completion of this program occurs when you are able to complete and perform all of the movements and activities in the program. This ranges from 5-15 hours of 1-on-1 training with one of our coaches.    


Mind Immersion

  • Understand what motivates us and what stops us from achieving our desired outcomes
  • How to break out of your current routine and create a new one that reflects the lifestyle you came in to create 
  • How to shift into the correct state of mind to succeed with your daily tasks
  • Learn how to create realistic expectations for your goals based on your commitment level so you can stay motivated during your journey  

Body Immersion

  • Learn how to safely maneuver through movements that apply to your everyday life
  • Learn how to train for the specific body type you want - how often you train, what kind of stimulus, weights or no weights. 
  • Assessment and testing of your current fitness levels and capabilities to establish your starting baseline. 
  • Gain the confidence and the courage to maneuver through the daily workouts in performance class with your fellow athletes 

Performance Class

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your life is a reflection of the people you spend time with. 

If you want a strong and healthy mind and body you need to be in an environment of like minded people. Performance class is that environment. It is here that you are given the opportunity to take on a daily challenge to strengthen your mind, body and spirit. To continue developing the skills of discipline, self-awareness, and pushing yourself to your edge. You want growth...this is where it happens. 


Performance Coaching

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The fast track to success...hire a coach!

If you're like most high achievers, when you decide you want to make something want it now! You're ready to commit to the process and take massive action. Our methods in 1-on-1 coaching are unorthodox, uncomfortable, and highly effective! Expected results include:

  • Creating a powerful belief system about who you are and what you're capable of
  • Clarity with your desired outcome and a plan of inspired action to get you there.
  • Development of a daily routine that reflects the performance you're creating. 
  • Confidence, trust, and belief that you are performing the actions necessary to step into your full power and play the game of life at your absolute best!